Let us put a spotlight on your region –
in your exclusive ADAC travel magazine edition!

Let us capture the uniqueness of your region in fascinating feature stories and high-end photography. We produce all stories exclusively, photo by photo, with the copy all written by top journalists.

The result is a magazine featuring exclusive in-depth stories, first-person features and portraits of interesting people who make your region special – backed by the editorial know-how of Germany’s highest-circulation travel magazine. 

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ADAC travel magazine features have received numerous awards for their photography and design. Let your destination stand out in a cooperative issue of ADAC Reisemagazin .








Cover ADAC Reisemagazin Französische Schweiz



The editorial content of the ADAC travel magazine is the sole responsibility of the editors. From start to finish, they work on each issue independently and on their own responsibility. Any and all production cost and expenses are covered by the editorial office.



Cover ADAC Motorwelt Juli/August 2017


Reach another 15 million readers.


Take advantage of the cross-media opportunities the ADAC club magazine has to offer. ADAC Motorwelt always includes a cross-reference to the latest issue of ADAC Reisemagazin. With a travel feature about your destination in the ADAC club magazine you will reach another 15 million readers! 


This allows you to reach 25% of readers planning to take at least one holiday (11m) and/or 24% of readers interested in travel (9m).  


(MA 2017/I, b4p 2016/III)

ADAC Motorwelt Redaktionseiten

ADAC Motorwelt editorial pages, p. 60/62

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We whet our readers' appetite for your region


Texts that captivate readers, photos that reveal secrets. The eye feasting on a visual stroll, readers will grow an appetite for travel – for people and for unusual journeys by car or bicycle or on foot. The ADAC travel magazine will give readers a close look at your region.

We portray scenic highlights, the mentality of the people and the local colour. We are a magazine for travelling in style, covering the whole gamut from special restaurants offering typical specialties to the best inns and hotels to tips for an unusual shopping experience.

ADAC Reisemagazin Redaktion

The ADAC travel magazine’s editors combine innovative and surprising facets to make each issue stand out on its own. For readers who are open-minded and have a sense of adventure when it comes to trying new experiences. 





For the most discriminating readers


With ADAC Reisemagazin, you will always reach readers looking for inspiration and open for all things new. Whether on a short trip or holidaying in Europe or overseas, the readers of our magazine like to travel, are well-educated and are among the income groups with the greatest spending power.






Air travel


39% of readers have flown at least
in the past year (CPM: €37.74)






44% of readers go on several longer
(CPM: €33.84)




City trips


56% of readers like to take city
(CPM: €26.59)






62% of readers take a very keen
interest in travel (CPM: €23.99)





The Facts speak for themselves

The Facts speak for themselves

With the ADAC travel magazine, you will draw the attention of 1.37 million readers interested in travel to your region.

With the additional feature in the ADAC club magazine you will reach another 15 million readers. Only the most successful TV formats have a similar reach. Introduce your region to a wide readership at an attractive price.

ADAC Reisemagazin Fact Sheet





Your region is a glossy magazine


The ADAC travel magazine comes with a fresh look and attractive content and offers plenty of added value to tourists. It is a unique, inspiring mix of basic travel guide info and high-gloss journalism. It provides information and whets readers’ appetite for travel.

ADAC Reisemagazin: Das ist neu!

As Germany’s no. 1 travel magazine, ADAC Reisemagazin is the mobility guide for tourists, offering valuable information for optimum planning.




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