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ADAC camping

ADAC Camping publications – 5 unbeatable benefits

  • Highest circulation
  • Profitable
  • Attractive target groups
  • Cross-medial
  • Wide acceptance

Benefit from our expertise and diversity to make your campaign a success!

Clearly the no. 1 on the market, the standard ADAC publications for motorhomers and caravanners have demonstrated expertise and richness of information for decades. An encompassing product line forcefully underscores once more the claim to a strong presence, thematically and as a brand.

Based on standardized criteria, ADAC inspectors conduct an independent, objective and rigorous evaluation of approx. 2,000 camping and caravan sites in Germany and across Europe each year.

Big relaunch in 2019!

ADAC camping guide, ADAC camping & caravanning guide, ADAC caravanning guide

New: bigger format

  • New book format with more space for essential information
  • Fresh and modern layout
  • Focus on key information and classification
  • Fewer pictograms

...and earlier sales start:

  • ADAC caravanning guide: 8 November 2018
  • ADAC camping guide: 30 November 2018
  • ADAC camping & caravanning guide: 4 February 2019

ADAC camping guide 2019

ADAC camping guide – the no. 1 reference for campers in Germany

High-end advertising in Germany’s no. 1 reference for camping and caravanning enthusiasts!

  • The market leader among the camping publications
  • 2 books: Germany/Northern Europe and Southern Europe
  • Detailed overview of 5,500 attractive campsites in 37 European countries
  • Independent, regular inspections and reliable classification by a team of experienced, neutral inspectors every year
  • Wealth of info incl. some 300 items of information, both text and pictograms, as well as easy-to-read test diagrams with the 5-star overall rating
  • Excellent discounts and benefits on over 3,000 campsites and caravan sites across Europe with the ADAC Campcard which comes free with the guide
2019 ADAC camping guide: facts & figures and schedule
Publication date30 November 2018
Frequency1 issue per year
Print run105,000 copies
Basic ad rates
Southern Europe, 1/1 p. 4c €8,990
Northern europe, 1/1 p. 4c €8,630
Advertising deadlines Southern Europe/Northern Europe
Industry advertisers 14 September 2018
Camping ads from 29 August 2018

2019 ADAC camping: Germany/Northern Europe book

Countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russian Federation, Slovakia, Sweden, United Kingdom

2019 ADAC camping: Southern Europe book

Countries: Albania, Andorra, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Romania, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland

ADAC 2019 ADAC camping guide: media facts & figures

2019 ADAC camping guide Germany/Northern Europe: technical specifications

2019 ADAC camping guide Southern Europe: technical specifications

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ADAC Freizeit Mobil

ADAC Freizeit Mobil 9_2018


The ADAC recreational mobility magazine delivers precise and consistent coverage to all camping enthusiasts among the ADAC membership:

  • Published as a loose insert with the ADAC Motorwelt club magazine specifically for the camping and caravanning target group
  • Consistent focus on campers’ needs and expectations
  • Designed for all who spend their leisure time, holidays or weekends out caravanning, motorhoming or camping
  • Superb mix of topics: valuable features, topical product information, motorhome, caravan and accessories test reports as well as fascinating travelogues – all well-researched by the ADAC camping team
  • ADAC’s factual journalism and thorough knowledge of the travel industry offer readers maximum value for confident decision-making
  • Published twice a year: in September just ahead of the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf and as a winter/spring edition in February
  • The number of regular ADAC Freizeit Mobil readers has increased from 80,000 in May 1993, when the first issue was published, to currently 360,000

2019 ADAC Freizeit Mobil (ADAC receational mobility magazine): facts & figures and schedule
Publication date:
September 2019 issue23 August 2019
Frequency, print run, ad rate:
Frequency 2 issues per year
Print run 360,000 copies
Basic ad rate, 1/1 p. 4c €16,200
Advertising deadlines:
September 2019 issue 8 July 2019

2019 ADAC Freizeit Mobil (ADAC receational mobility magazine): media facts & figures

2019 ADAC Freizeit Mobil (ADAC recreational mobility magazine): technical specifications

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